Xbox experience not updating

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Xbox experience not updating

I was using an Xbox One connected via Wi-Fi, getting about 9-11Mbps download speed, so we ran a test with another Xbox on a faster internet connection installing on two consoles with the internet disconnected.Assassin's Creed IV: Xbox One (offline, no update): 5 minutes 50 seconds Xbox One (with update, fastest connection): 7 minutes 2 seconds Xbox One (with update, 10Mbps connection): 10 minutes 32 seconds PS4: 42 seconds The rest of these were tested on our office Wi-Fi which is around 9-11Mbps.Our test was how long it takes to launch the game from the time you insert a disc, with a normal console connected to the internet.

However, while less demanding games such as Braid and N perform flawlessly, the more CPU-heavy titles do struggle, with Halo: Reach and Gears of War: Judgement singled out as games that suffer in the emulation process.

Both the Xbox One and PS4 require all games to be installed from the disc, due to the increasing size of games and the relatively low speed of optical drives.

So both consoles have a feature that allows you to launch a game as soon as enough content is installed to begin running it, while the rest of the data continues to install in the background.

When you include downloading those updates for each Xbox One game that happen in the background on PS4, the install times can get as high as fifteen minutes before you can even launch the game.

Remember that this is only a test of how long the games initially take to install.

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