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First, try converting the ID3 tags for the affected MP3 tracks.

You can do this by selecting one or more tracks, right-clicking, and choosing “Convert ID3 Tags” from the context menu.

Once you correct the track information in i Tunes, it re-writes the tags back to the underlying MP3 file and therefore remains consistent for the future.

While this is how i Tunes is supposed to behave, there have been bugs in previous versions that have either prevented the MP3 tag information from being updated properly by i Tunes or prevented i Tunes from reading the MP3 tags properly.

However, on the playlist and on the local files, it did NOT import the artist name (it picked up my new track name, and album name).

I then took that mp3 file, with the modified tag, placed it on a USB, and copied it to my work laptop (windows 8.1, 64 bit).

Depending on the status of your underlying MP3 files, there are a couple of things you can try to fix the problem and force i Tunes to update your actual MP3 tags from your i Tunes information, rather than the other way around.

Is there some option I can set in i Tunes to tell it not to mess with my song names?

- Jeff What seems to be happening here is that the tags contained in your MP3 files and the information contained in i Tunes is not in sync.

Within Windows 7 (64bit) I edited the file properties and updated the artist/track/album so it better suits my library.

On that same PC, within spotify, it recognized the mp3 in my local files library, and let me setup a playlist.

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When I select Get Info OR when I play the song, now the name field changes to “Harmony”, dropping the artist and the ‘-’.

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