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Trading forex in south africa online dating

• Park West Gallery has never in our 40 years in business sold an inauthentic work of art, and we have the most extensive customer satisfaction policy in the industry.

• Park West continues to sell art on cruise ships around the world, and we are proud of the relationship we have developed with our more than 1.2 million satisfied clients.

As there are not many laws that govern on the high seas, but there are laws in South Africa, I wish I knew whom to contact to warn the gullible people of this country that it is probably one in a million chance that they will get the job once they have paid all their expenses, and not only that, should they get the job, their work will be considered "piracy". Best wishes So you expect a free ride to an interview for a job you don't even have?

You receive a lot of study work which you are expected to be prepared on when you arrive. As for Park West Gallery and its affiliates being a scam? How stupid do you have to be to believe that someone can run a scam for 43 years over 1.4 million people AND win all the awards in their industry by doing so?

Upon further investigation, I discovered that the employment they were offering required that we pay them R2000 plus we have to pay for our tickets to Miami, and then we are not even sure that we will have a job. If I knew more about scams and such, I would know whom to contact, but unfortunately, I don't.

I also googled Park West Gallery, whom we were supposed to go and work for, and found there to be a lot of discrepancies in their conduct.

• For more information on this issue, visit our site at have done extensive research about overseas employment (UK, USA, etc) and the truth of the matter is, any recruitment agency that offers you assistance in getting visas, booking flights, doing your medicals etc will charge you a fee(which varies according to the job offered). Nothing is free and I certainly have not come across any agency that will just sacrifice their time and resources complimentary.

They certainly would not be around for very long don't you agree?

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The cruise ship industry utilizes many such companies to do the leg work for them, especially in Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa and they recruit for a multiple of professions aboard the ships(mostly Food & Beverage and also Housekeeping).