Speed cameras wessex way bournemouth

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Speed cameras wessex way bournemouth

Three red light/speed on green cameras have also been removed and the number of mobile camera sites reduced from 33 to 28.The news comes as figures reveal just £851,000 has been committed to Dorset Road Safe by Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset councils compared with £2 million two years ago.Bournemouth’s spa magic has been revitalised and history is repeating itself. The first spa hotel was built in 1885 - the Mont Dore Hotel (now Bournemouth’s Town Hall) Apart from luxury rooms and tennis courts, the hotel also offered the Mont Dore cure which was said to be a healing water and could not be found anywhere else in England.A century ago the cream of Victorian society including royalty flocked to Bournemouth’s pine forest landscape of luxurious villas. Sea and pure water from the Bourne stream were pumped into the basement of the hotel to allow the additional luxury of soaking and perspiring in Turkish and salt baths.Any one know what the speed limit along this road is please? Send a freedom of information request to the relevant council for a copy of the traffic order.I assumed it was 50mph and this is shown on a relevant website However I have been sent a notice of intended prosecution with a notified speed of 47 mph Any assistance appreciated You need to check the signs and the traffic order. Check the signs are exactly where they should be, both sides of the road, that the red circles are still red not orange.

Bournemouth is a seaside resort town in the county of Dorset on the south coast of England.For help with using the database please see our user guide.This database is freely available for and updated by UK motorists.Update location Add photo and/or video Submit new location The above camera location uses a Gatso camera.The static Gatso is the most widely used camera in the UK and uses radar technology.

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