Sls dateing site

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Sls dateing site

If you can get past the hundreds of thousands of fake accounts, then you run in to the problem of search not pulling up viable candidates.

The site seems to have been slapped together by disgruntled Junior High school students being forced to do a mid term project to pass.

But trying this one as it's meant to be 'the best'. i would also check out casualdating4u or maybe benaughty Add is probably the worst scam site on the web every yes every woman in my inbox has been a scammer from just fake profiles to guys pretending to be girls. AFF have recently taken away some benefits for VIP members...don't bother with this. But as I say feeling generous today so AFF gets 7.5, no more & no less.

Was messaging one woman that seemed genuine until I checked on the friends tab and found her profile has three different people on it from at least for different countries. On for a month met a few women but to many scammers and so many Chinese -overseas profiles filled my inbox. Probably not going to make the trip to China or to another country to meet.

I found this to be a waste of money and one massive scam.

Lots of adds, replies to messages were fishing scams and profile views were only from Korea and China. Let me say this first I did get laid on Adult Friend Finder. But when I compare it to other sites I use (I use lots but lets take as an example) I just think that the balance between chatting to girls and actually screwing them or even meeting them is a bit skewed.

I paid for gold membership for one month and the account was deleted within 24 hours, no refund.

My profile on the site was very mild with only a face shot - so there was no problem with my profile!

No reply from the contact and just reaffirms that the site only has fake profiles who bait and switch you for money with unfulfilled promises of getting laid.There is a mountain of women on there from aldershot. But it does work and if you prepare yourself for 10 times more chat than actual sex then you'll do just fine! Granted it doesnt hurt that Im into kink and the swing lifestyle as well as being a bit more open minded than most.If youre shy in person or concealing your sexual orientation you might want to work on that first. Men should pay for a membership in order to use the whole functionality but it is sure worth it. If u know how to communicate and if you are decent looking you will do fine although imo 50% of the female users are time wasters. Been a member on here for almost two months and if you work on your communication skills you will also do fine. I stayed on aff for approximately 2 months, and just could not withstand anymore!I was like WTF but im keeping my cool reading these comments because a helluva lot of y'all aint been laid often ($#*! I used to be a member of this site off & on but now, STAY AWAY!, some not at all) using the sites that work well for me (i'd also include on my top list). I see that is used for verification for dating sites sometimes - that is the lure, as well as meeting people. They have choices laid out with accurate breakdowns on costs.

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It gave me the same screen again but this time, no continue.