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Seksgirl arab vs malay force

For instance, Kedah, Dr Mahathir’s home state was a major trading center and part of the Srivijayan network centuries before its raja converted to Islam.

That it was Hindu/Buddhist no more made it Indian than the arrival of Islam made it Arab.

Enrique likely perished in Mactan Island during the battle that killed Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.

In such ignorant arrogance lie the seeds of the likes of the Taliban, destroyers of the great Buddhist monuments of Afghanistan, and of Daesh (Islamic State) which has destroyed much of the great pre-Islamic past of Palmyra in Syria.

Of course the authorities in Malaysia are now far too rich and comfortable to go to such extremes. The current forced identification of all Malays with Islam makes a nonsense of Malay history and is insulting to them.

It also destroys the once-joyous cultural milieu characterized by PO Ramlee, the singer, dancer and film director who died, ignored, in 1973.

But so long as the nation is in the hands of venal and hypocritical politicians who use Islam and racial preferences as their tools, there is scant chance of a revival of a Malay Malaysia as a literary, trading and justifiably proud nation.

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And, while Islam had existed in Malaysia for hundreds of years, it began to pick up momentum when the late Ayatollah Ali Khomeni, a Shia, sent shockwaves across the globe when he turned Iran into an Islamic state. In 2001, former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad sought to outflank the rural-based Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS) by declaring that Malaysia was already an Islamic state.

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