Modern chinese dating

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Modern chinese dating

Language difficulties Even if you speak fluent Chinese or he speaks fluent English you still might have language difficulties in your relationship.Perhaps his native language is a dialect of Chinese and you can’t understand a word they are saying in the family dinner table?Parents have the final say Wether your Chinese boyfriend will continue to be with you or will marry you depends on his parents.If parents say no, then it usually is the end of the relationship sooner or later.

Taking care of you Chinese guys are generally good at taking care of you, or at least a good Chinese man is.

If necessary learn the local dialect in order to communicate with his family and relatives.

The good and the bad I’ve got my heart-broken by a Chinese guy, I’ve already felt the happiest with a Chinese guy.

Right now (October 2013) I’m living together with my Cantonese boyfriend and his parents.

We are in the process of renovating the old family house for us.

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Dating someone outside your culture, especially from such a different culture as Chinese culture is, it isn’t easy.

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