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Mckinney dating com

The Florida native's curves were nearly too much for the star's black suit, which couldn't contain her ample bust and accidentally revealed the Baywatch star's nipple.

Things move from Kyra to Brock when he tells Reba he intends to sell his dental practice to play pro-golf, a decision that enrages both Reba and Barbra Jean, but one that Brock insists is because he is not happy with his life.A bombshell is dropped when Kyra, who had become increasingly distant when she spent more time with Brock and Barbra Jean due to all the attention Cheyenne and Van were drawing from Reba, plans to move in with them into a their new house just four doors down from Reba's.In the third season, Reba struggles to move on after Kyra's departure, even trying to permanently avoid Brock and Barbra Jean, before she reconciles with Kyra.After soaking in the sun, the Wilhelmina repped model pulled her hair into a bun before jumping into the chilly waters for a quick splash.The five-foot seven-inch looker braced herself from the chill while hiding her eyes from the sun in handsome shades.

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She initially refuses to be around Barbra Jean unless absolutely necessary and is equally hostile to Brock, though this begins to change after their divorce is finalized, Brock and Barbra Jean marry, and have their son Henry.