Large group dating in san jose

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The research prompted the federal government to ban the use of DDT.Marilyn Carol Ress Marilyn Ress, 71, never made it out of her bedroom when the Tubbs fire ripped through her Santa Rosa home last week.

Until a few years ago, Mc Reynolds, 82, was a motorcycle-riding septuagenarian cruising down the back roads of Sonoma County, based at her longtime home on Kilarney Circle.Napa County authorities located their remains days after fire tore through their neighborhood north of the Silverado Resort and Spa. Margaret Stephenson Margaret Stephenson, 86, lived alone in Redwood Valley, in rural Mendocino County.Sheriff Tom Allman knew the widow, who died last week in the Redwood Valley fire.“I’m just so confused that he wouldn’t leave,” Dornbach, who’d been visiting with her brother just an hour before flames consumed the neighborhood, told the Times.“And I don’t understand why everyone else didn’t just drag him out.” Her son, she said, tried to return for his uncle, but it was too late. George Chaney and Edward Stone George Chaney, 89, and Edward Stone, 79, never made it out of their home on Atlas Peak Road northeast of downtown Napa.

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