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Itineris online dating

It was decided that the model of “university faculties” would be most fitting, with sections such as “Metaphors of Business”, “Metaphors of Emotion”, “Metaphors of Music” and so on, each structured as though a separate faculty within a central university.Despite initial interest from various parties, this project never quite got started and the whole project stalled for just over a year.The name, “Metaphors of Movement” was first attributed by Steve Andreas in a blog post review of that high altitude training event.The reference was not as a noun, but rather as a descriptor of some of what had been taught.The universe thus conspired that a cast of characters of considerable professional esteem arrived upon the scene and contributed enormously to what was to come next, even if they didn’t know it themselves.Additionally, some of these characters have continued to this with more deliberate contribution, to whom I am entirely grateful and humbled.I consent to Leading Lives using the information provided to carry out checks from this application form and understand that this will be used when making a decision about my suitability to work with or be in regular contact with vulnerable adults.I understand that Leading Lives will share any information they obtain about me with other organisations where the law requires them to, including where information raises concerns of an adult/ child protection nature.

Thus began an exploration in the fields of linguistics and therapy that later came to be known as “Metaphors of Movement.” One of the earliest presentations of this work occurred high in the mountains of Colorado in 2009 to an esteemed audience, some of whom were appalled whilst others came to be long term trainees and/or collaborators in the development of the work.

This idea led to a series of observations, key of which was the recognition that significant portions of communication remained unexplored by contemporary methods and frequently appeared to be invisible to both communicator and recipient.

This communication was soon proven to be entirely idiomatic in nature.

During 2012-2013, a protracted period of poor health meant that I had a lot of free time to be exploring and developing the different aspects of Metaphors of Movement and one startling observation began to emerge which was impossible to ignore.

It was found that the inherent structures behind the metaphors of movement practices perfectly paralleled the occult sciences known in the West as “Magick” and that much of the therapeutic delivery of this work remarkably resembled the Western initiatory traditions.

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