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Intimidating pinball

Harry felt a strange sort of calm fall over his body as he sipped his tea; for the first time that he could remember he felt relaxed, he felt like a normal person, he felt like none of his problems mattered anymore.

After several hours, and several cups of tea, Harry rose to his feet and walked out of the coffee shop intent on finding some lunch at the restaurant on the other side of the avenue.

""Could I get a cup of tea with milk," at the man's nod, Harry continued.

"Add the tea to the milk and don't stir.""Just take a seat and I'll have it right out."Nodding in understanding, Harry found himself a seat in one of the corner tables.

This means that if the tracking charm was cast in England then your child could perform underage magic in any country besides England without fear of being caught.

Walking up to the leader of the detachment Harry removed the man's mask and cloak."Enervate," Harry gave a nasty smile to the leader of the detachment, "what exactly was your purpose here?Moments after Harry found his table the peace of the day was shattered by the sounds of a four incoming Apparations.Figuring that the Order had found him and that his vacation had come to an end, Harry looked out the large picture window and was shocked to see the street filled not with Order members, but with a four figures in black robes and white masks.In the Red-Light District, Harry found himself overwhelmed by the sights, the smells, the lights, and the people.Peeking into one of the many windows, Harry learned more about human anatomy then had been taught in the short course he had received in grade school and his twenty minute stroll had taught him more about the world then he had in all of his previous years combined. " Hot Swedish girl number two agreed, "we've been here several times and we still find it a bit overwhelming at times.""If you've been here several times, then what do you suggest I do?

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Placing his book back into his pack, Harry stretched out on his bed for a few hours of sleep.

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