Dating for married people in hsem m518 online dating

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Dating for married people in

Affairs can provide someone with the personal validation and emotional intimacy they feel their primary relationship is lacking. Affairs can be an expression of a partner's growing feeling of physical and emotional distance.

Sometimes people fall in love with someone else - but this statistically infrequent reason for cheating. Of men, Other reasons for cheating include a desire for more sexual partners and pure curiosity.

While it wasn't our impetus for signing up, the potential for Tinder to arouse cannot be overlooked.

Nothing feels worse than being betrayed by someone close to you. Modern technology allows more people to connect than ever before - but this has drawbacks, enabling people to conduct extramarital affairs, both physical and emotional.

Recent infidelity statistics suggest that in over ⅓ of marriages, one or both partners admit to cheating.

Most people who are unfaithful, however, seem to be seeking emotional or physical comfort.

They may feel that their primary relationship is lacking, or they may feel that they need external validation.

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