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Your Nationwide retirement plan offers you the ability to transfer outside assets into your plan.The below list of key factors will help you evaluate whether you might roll assets into your plan or leave the money where it’s currently invested.And even if you're satisfied with the array of investment options, putting all your money in one place subjects does expose you to another risk.Although instances of money being pilfered from 401(k) plans is certainly rare, they do occur.

Obviously, you wouldn't want to combine your accounts into your 401(k) or an IRA rollover held at a particular brokerage firm or fund company if the investment choices are limited or just plain lousy.If you’ve changed jobs, you may have workplace retirement accounts in multiple locations. The best choice for you depends on your personal situation, your goals and the investment options, fees and other details of your current employer’s plan.You might want to consider rolling your 401(k) funds into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or your current employer’s plan. Here’s a quick comparison: Here are some potential advantages of rolling your accounts into your current workplace plan or leaving your account in your prior workplace plan: Fiduciaries of employer-sponsored plans are responsible for choosing an investment lineup that’s in the best interests of their employees.Similarly, there are cases of employees having to wait a long time -- sometimes upwards of a year -- to get their 401(k) money after leaving a job.Call me paranoid, but when I weigh the pros and cons of consolidation, I come out in favor of spreading my money around.

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Tasks like tracking performance and monitoring the overall asset allocation of your portfolio are somewhat simpler if you have all your money in one place.