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It was customary, even in the ninth century, to ornament the ends with fringe, tassels, or little bells.Towards the thirteenth century the ends came to be trapezium-shaped; in the fourteenth century this shape disappeared, and until the sixteenth century the stole was a strip of material of uniform width, and only ornamented with fringe at the ends.

The earliest evidences of the use of the stole at Rome date from the second half of the eighth century and the beginning of the ninth.Among the Syrians and Chaldeans the subdeacon also uses the stole, but he first twists it like a scarf around the neck, the ends being then let hang from the left shoulder in front and behind.We possess few references to the stole anterior to the ninth century.Among the Chaldeans ( Nestorians ) the stole of the priest resembles that used in the West, and is, like this, crossed over the breast.The deacon's stole generally hangs down straight from the left shoulder both in front and at the back, but in certain rites is first wound like a sash around the breast and back.

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  1. A new, nationally representative Pew Research Center survey of 4,248 U. adults finds that 41% of Americans have been personally subjected to harassing behavior online, and an even larger share (66%) has witnessed these behaviors directed at others.

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